ABsolute Pilates Plus

More Than Just Pilates.
This Is Functional Movement For Life.


I believe when we move our bodies we benefit not just physically but mentally as well. To help a person move with less effort and/or pain is my goal. The more we move the better we feel and if we feel better in our bodies I believe we can be more giving to others.

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Pilates is a fitness system that meets you where you are, whether you are fit or have injuries. The people I work with have a desire to move and feel better. Many have found me through their injuries, with my help we design a program that fits their needs and goals.

My goal for everyone I work with is to help you feel better in your body. I can be your guide to standing taller, feeling more comfortable walking or just help you add some more movement to your days.

So, let me assist you in adding some Pilates into your routine. When we move our bodies we benefit both physically and mentally!


Pilates Instructor
General Fitness Coach


“My cousin had been trying to convince me to come to Lori’s mat class for over a year. But my back was always hurting and I didn’t feel that it was going to make any difference. After trying so many other types of exercise with no relief I finally gave in and figured it couldn’t hurt. I was in a mat class with 4 other people, I had never done Pilates before and I thought, “Oh no what have I gotten myself into”. She made me feel comfortable, she gave me ideas on ways to modify where needed, and it was wonderful. I continue to come to mat class and I’m no longer in pain lifting my grandchildren. This has been the greatest gift to me. Thank you Lori.” - Linda, Student

“Though fairly fit naturally, I’m a desk jockey who’s never been accused of being athletic. That’s why it’s such a testament to Lori that for several years now, I rarely miss a weekly trip across town for her Pilates class. I think of her as my piano tuner. I bring her a piano full of knots, dust, and sags, and she gets all those strings back in place, stretched out just right, and making music within the hour. Over the years, she’s managed to make me realize there actually are strings in places I hadn’t noticed before. Haven’t quite figured out how she does all that while helping you relax. It’s such a welcome treat.” - Mindy, Student

“I’m a former runner; I’ve done 8 marathons. I always loved going to the gym, working out hard with heavy weights. When I injured myself I was told that I needed to make some changes to my workout routine. So when my good friend suggested that I come to a Pilates mat class with her, I wasn’t sure. I couldn’t imagine liking Pilates, it was not anything like what I was used to doing. Lori was great she added challenges where I needed them, she’s always looking at our form to be sure we are working correctly. It incorporated strength as well a stretching, I had no idea I would love it so much. In fact, after 3 weeks of mat classes my friend and I started doing equipment classes with Lori as well.” - Lynn, Student